ThermalNet - WP 3C

Two main activities are foreseen within the present WorkPackage.
A first activity is represented by the overview of the Education and Training activities in Bioenergy in the EU.
The analysis of the educational and training activities will distinguish among the level (primary, secondary, master, specialisation,..), the content, the length and eventually the integration with other RES.
A survey is to be carried out through a questionnaire.
The results of the survey will be analysed and evaluated by the E&T group of experts, and presented for discussion to the ThermalNet members.
In parallel to this activity, WP 3C aims at investigating the existing and anticipated educational needs from the bioenergy industry and public sector stakeholders in the biomass to energy field.
Main outcomes of this work package is the listing of the on going educational activities in the EU, thus constituting a reference point for both EU students interested in bioenergy as well as for industry and public bodies.
Possible educational activities will be elaborated on the basis of the results of the analysis of the potential employers of the trained students, i.e. the industry and public bodies.

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